More than 30 years as a business leader and consultant have given me significant direct experience of commercial disputes and of the complexities of managing large international teams. An empathetic and imaginative communicator, I quickly engender trust and facilitate difficult discussions from a position of calm authority. I have successfully dealt with many difficult people and organisational issues across the globe, often at times of rapid political, economic or business change.

Why Choose John as a mediator?

  • Outstanding, experienced negotiator – I am an astute professional with experience of leading large, high-performing teams and managing disputes at every commercial level, and across a range of sectors. I have run courses on negotiating and influencing skills for over 20 years.

  • Extensive international experience – Well-travelled and culturally aware, I have worked across central and eastern Europe, India and North America. I worked as HR Director for PwC in the Middle East, covering 12 countries and 2,700 people before and during the Arab Spring.

  • Efficient, thorough and commercially minded – Capable of carrying out detailed research and analysis where required, I am highly experienced at undertaking wide-ranging consultation followed by swift action, and understand the necessary balance of strategic and operational objectives.

  • Flexible – Based in central London, I travel nationally and internationally for work, and tailor my fees to individual mediations.

What others say

“He is intelligent, charming and wise, with a style which breeds confidence. John has real presence, with a sense of humour and positivity that immediately puts one at ease… He was authoritative, but kept a sense of proportion and calmed an explosive, emotional situation. His advice was clear and backed by his thorough investigation. All parties were happy with the outcome and commented on John's skill at enabling those involved to open up and express their views honestly.”  MD, Recruitment Company

“[John] worked for me when I chaired a children’s charity and we needed an interim HR Director. He showed rare skills. He listened, he cajoled, he was kind, he was fair, he was decisive, he worked fast and he never lost his sense of humour or sense of occasion. Today whatever I’m doing if I want dispassionate advice delivered with utter integrity and searing clarity I go to the man who looks like a hippy and has bunions from hiking 2,160 miles.”  Richard Hall, Richard Hall Associates

“He was trusted by ‘both sides’ and never let his own feelings or wishes interfere with his role as mediator. Most who were involved in mediations where John was involved found it a process that enhanced their understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, which gave them a long-term personal benefit. I can think of no-one else I would rather have as a mediator in a dispute than John.”  Partner, "Big 4" Professional Services Firm

“With rich corporate and personal experience to draw upon, John has that rare ability to see the big picture and deal with detail well. He is a highly effective communicator and has strong inter-personal skills, he cares and is thoughtful. With the highest level of integrity and the confidence to ask difficult questions when needed, he possesses all the key skills to be an exceptional Mediator." Mike Taylor, MD, Accelerating Experience

"As a lead partner in one of the Big 4 accounting firms, I used John to great effect as a mediator of difficult, complex and sensitive people issues. His fund of experience in mediating mode has been invaluable to me and I commend his services without reservation."   Lawrie Philpott, Philpott Black

Mediation video

It's difficult to bring the process of mediation to life in words and pictures, particularly for those who have no experience of the process.  I also wanted to explore how mediation skills might be used to resolve a dispute before it explodes out of control.  This video was shot in an Edinburgh kitchen and seeks to bring mediation to life, using workplace disputes as an example. I conclude with some comments from the wonderful Bob Hoskins.


  • CEDR accredited mediator

  • MBA specialising in Finance, Cass Business School

  • MSc HR Management, LSE

Writing and lecturing

I am a Visiting Professor at the University of Stirling and London Metropolitan University. I present at LSE on the subject of negotiations and have shot two videos for them on this subject.

I write on leadership matters for the Inspirational Development Group.

The appalachian trail

The Appalachian Trail is a long-distance hiking trail from Georgia to Maine.

I hiked it to celebrate a certain birthday and to explore my fascination with the US.

The Trail is a mass of statistics - 2,160 miles long, covering 14 States, typically done over 3 seasons and 4-6 months and some 15-20% of those who start make it to the end.

When I made it to the end, I wrote about my experience in a book which can be found on Amazon.

I have blogged and lectured on what the experience taught me about leadership and organisations, captured in this Prezi.